The Rush Philosophy

Missouri Rush Soccer Club (MRSC) believes in providing players the avenues necessary for proper development. MRSC wants all their players to love the game first and foremost.

Player movement is a huge piece of player development. What does this mean? Players that are placed in an environment where they routinely play one position slows development. MRSC encourages players to learn multiple positions throughout their youth soccer career. Players having opportunities to play for other Rush teams also helps build confidence while reducing complacency. MRSC does NOT place players on teams or take players from other Rush teams. It is our philosophy to offer the avenues for like skilled players to play together while providing them the opportunities to learn the sport tactically and technically. It is ALWAYS up to the parent and player which team they want to play for.

We strive to instill the Rush Core Values into all MRSC players, coaches and parents. These values are the fertilizers of our culture. They help grow our players through connecting on the field friendships through real life experiences. Our Core values are the building blocks of our club. Every decision that is made revolves around what is best for the players and how it impacts our values.