Why Rush?



 At Rush, we truly, unequivocally, without a doubt focus on player development. You won't be reaching into your pocketbook each time there is a training session either. We offer five nights a week training in the spring and fall as well as two nights a week in the winter ALL PART OF YOUR PLAYER'S CLUB FEE.  Our sessions are lead by trainers (that you do not have to pay extra for) and focus on delivering a Rush curriculum-based training program. Each week focuses on teaching a specific set of drills to help a player better understand the game of soccer as well as develop the player's skills. 

So what is Rush's club fee and what all do you get for your money? Here is a breakdown to help you see just how much we put towards the development of our players.


Club Fees Include:

2 nights a week training on turf spring & fall

5 nights a week club training spring

5 nights a week club training fall

2 nights a week club training winter

Goalie Training

Free registration into Show Me Showdown tournament 

Free registration into Mother's Day Classic

Free registration for Players' Showcase (High school teams) 

Adidas Training Top

Team Communication platform 

Team Treasurer

Coaches Education 

Team Manager Courses

Rush National Affiliation

Rush Staff

Even if we failed to mention one or more items that are covered in this list, we are very confident that you can see the value Rush offers to its players and families. We don't strive to be the cheapest, we strive to offer the most for the least. Everything we do starts with our "what's best for the kids" approach. In most cases, a Rush family can pay for an entire year's worth of team fees and club fees and be less expensive than other club's club fee alone. 


Want to learn more? Follow this link to fill out a form and have a coach or team manager contact you.