Developmental Guides

Lesson Plans

A Note from Matt Spiess (Technical Director) and Cal McKee (Advanced Development Coordinator)

We constructed these development guides in an effort to provide our coaches with training sessions and other information that will help us reach a united player development structure within our club . Along with the sample training sessions we’ve also provided some professionalism and etiquette guidelines as well as our Rush Core Values. All of the information provided is to be utilized at the coaches discretion. We simply want to offer our coaches options that will help develop players and enhance teams. These guides contain training sessions formatted for 13 weeks with 4 drills per week. The training sessions for each age group can be utilized as a stairway for each level of player development. Furthermore, coaches can utilize the training sessions provided for each age group to help indicate where their team stands with regards to individual and collective development.


 Please note that coaches can utilize drills from every Missouri Rush Soccer Club Development Guide. The year and age group equivalent listed is meant to be used as a progression indicator. Coaches are also free to mix and match drills as they see fit or they can use them according to the weekly order we have them in. 



Year 1 (Age Equivalent U08)

Year 2 (Age Equivalent U09)

Year 3 (Age Equivalent U10)

Year 4 (Age Equivalent U11)

Year 5 (Age Equivalent U12)

Year 6 (Age Equivalent U13)

Year 7 (Age Equivalent U14)

Year 8 (Age Equivalent U15)

Year 9 (Age Equivalent U16)

Year 10 (Age Equivalent U17)

Year 11 (Age Equivalent U18)