Team Communication

Club communication will be managed through Demosphere and or Gotsoccer for the 2017/2018 season.


Levels of Club Communication

  • Entire club emails

  • Team emails

  • Manager emails

  • Coach emails


MRSC has evaluated the following free subscriptions that we approve for team communications with your players and families:

Team Communication Platforms

  • Teamsnap (does have a paid level subscription that would be funded from team account)

  • Google Docs / Google Calendar

  • Gotsoccer

Club Website and Team Marketing

  • Club website function

  • Each team has the ability to be listed on the website by age group with team contact info

  • Each team is encouraged to create a Twitter page to promote team events and accomplishments. The handle should read in this format club/age/gender/team designation (example @rush2003Gunited)