Player of The Month


May 2017

Vada Akers - 13U

Her ability to adapt to a new environment is exceptional. She has endeared herself to the U13 United program and has established herself as a leader. After games and practices without hesitation or looking frustrated she helps her mom with her sisters who are babies. The sisters naturally gravitate to her for comfort. She willingly accepts her role and provides the needed assistance to care for the girls.

Also, after a long weekend in KC with the U13 team she is at practice on Monday with her main team looking as fresh as anyone at the training session.

What a kid.



January 2017

Kierigan McEvoy - 16U

I would like to spotlight one of my girls from my 01 United girls team Kierigan McEvoy. I feel that she meets the requirements (as perhaps many of our 01 Jansen players do).  She continues to work hard and excel in soccer and has played multiple positions over the past 4 years as requested by the coaching staff.  Always without complaint in a genuine interest in supporting the team.  Nominated (designated by the team) to be team Co-Captain 2 years she continues to be a leader on and off the field. She has a 4.5 GPA  taking multiple HS and advanced level courses (including Chinese) while completing 8th grade and 4 of 7 weighted classes as a Freshman.  

In other aspects of her life, she continues to give back to both the school in STUCO, FCA Leader/Facilitator, Teen Life Group musical performer, National Junior Honor Society (8th grade) and volunteer multiple times each month to get the Harvestor Food Pantry trucks unloaded and the pantry ready for food distribution prior to the start of school.  Obviously, this required her to get up multiple days of the month well before the sun rises.  All of this she continues to accomplish with a sincere interest in doing the best she can in her service to her teammates, school, and family.  We are quite proud of not only her ambition, but, her execution of activities that support the goals she sets for herself and her life.



December 2016

Katt Mossinghoff - 13U

Katt joined Missouri Rush this year. However, she has always exemplified the "RUSH WAY" and the "RUSH CORE VALUES."  Katt is a fierce competitor and a dynamic leader on the pitch. She encourages her teammates in a positive way before, during and after games and practices.  She always has a smile on her face and gives 110%!


Katt has many interests off the soccer field that keep her busy. I was recently made aware of a philanthropic event she personally organized to raise money for a school friend in need of a seizure assistance service dog.  Katt lead and organized the "PAWS 4 SYDNEY" fundraiser at Francis Howell Middle School. Even writing and presenting a proposal  to the school herself to get it approved!  Together, with the help of Kona Ice Treats, they raised over $2,000.00 towards the service dog. She was recognized for her fundraising efforts by the City of O'Fallon and the Francis Howell School District.


Katt also volunteers for the Cottleville Fire Protection District's Community Outreach Programs in the summer and at the Halloween "Haunted Trail and Bonfire."  She is a regular at the Salvation Army helping feed the homeless.  Katt makes certain that everyone gets homemade dessert. On the Friday night before, you will find her in the kitchen making cakes, cookies or muffins.


Katt is an inspiration to her teammates and anyone that has the luxury of coming in contact with her and her infectious smile!




November 2016

Morgan Gaudy - 9U


We'd like to nominate Morgan Gaudy from the U9 Girls Nero team for player of the month.

Morgan is one the key leaders of not only the Nero team, but our entire pool of girls that includes the U9 Cinza team. One example of this was early in the season when Morgan showed up to cheer on our Cinza team in the PAO Super Cup, even though her Nero team wasn't playing in that event.  That's Morgan 100%. Team first, always.

The top Rush core values that come to mind for Morgan would be...

Enjoyment - Morgan's always smiling and causing others to do the same.  Just a great kid to have the privilege to coach.

Leadership - Morgan's a standout defender, yet willingly accepts any position we put her at, including goalie when we need to give our normal keepers a break.  

Humility - Morgan's a really good player on a really good team. You wouldn't know it by how humble she is.  She never gloats after a win or goal.

Tenacity - Morgan puts maximum effort into every practice and game.  If her opponent wins the ball from her, they earned it!


Outside of Rush soccer, Morgan participates with her CYC soccer team, volleyball, softball, and staying involved with her St. Patrick's parish. She approaches all of these activities with the same high level of passion.  We couldn't be prouder of the player, teammate, and friend she is!



September 2016

Allison Glenn - U13

I would like to nominate as "Player of the Month" from my U11 Azul girls team, Allison Glenn. First, Allison- SOCCER NAME "Al" is always the first player at practice. She comes to all team activities with a positive attitude willing to do whatever is necessary to improve as a player and be there for her teammates. Often times I refer to her as a "coach" because she sees that a player is in need of attention before I do. She is eager to attend any and all activities that will improve her as a soccer player.

With all that said, those are not the only reasons why I am nominating her for this award. Al regularly demonstrates the compassion and kindness needed to be a good friend outside the soccer field. I have the pleasure of being part of her school life because she is in the same grade and attends the same school as my daughter. I have been at school and have seen her help with student activities and she shows the same passion and positive attitude that she has in her "Soccer Life." So much so that her classmates nominated her for several end of the year awards to include:

  • Most Responsible
  • Most Proactive
  • Most Helpful
  • One who shows kindness to everyone

Al definitely exemplifies the "Rush Core Values" everyday. I am proud to know her as a player and share a little of how great she is to EVERYONE on and off the field!






Isabella Roberts has played soccer since the age of 5 and plays select soccer for MO Rush. This past March Isabella was invited to do a photo shoot for America's Model and Pageant Magazine.  After the shoot she was offered the role of Miss Missouri Ambassador Tween for America's US Miss.  And she would compete in Clearwater Beach, FL for the National title.  Throughout the year she completed  community service for the Amazing Miss pageant, helping young ladies with disabilities compete in a pageant designed for them.  She had the opportunity to help a young  lady through the pageant process.  Helped her with her interview and getting ready for her formal wear.  She assisted in getting her dressed and doing her hair and make up.  And then after the death of a young lady in 8th grade from her school.  She decided she wanted to get involved.  She helped Teens of America bring awareness of bullying and teen suicide to her school.  Setting up an event and having the school bring in the program starting the new school year for grades K-12.  She worked really hard all year trying to help others and become a better person herself.  June 28 she headed to Clearwater to compete.  She went through an interview process, personality wear and formal wear. On July 3rd she headed to the stage for crowning.  Isabella won her age division and now is taking on the title of America's US Miss Ambassador Tween.  She worked so hard all year and it played off.  She learned a lot and enjoyed helping others. You can follow her journey this year on Facebook and Instagram.   

America's U.S. Ambassador Tween




JULY 2016


Sometimes you’ll find her out wide, darting at opponents with the ball at her feet or making dangerous runs behind the defense. Sometimes you’ll find her in the middle of the park, connecting passes forward, backward, and sideways to break down the opposition. Sometimes you’ll find her in the backline, making tackles and shutting down threats in front of her own goal. Corner Kicks? Yep, she takes those too. And the girl who just had the courage to head that sky-high goalie punt out of the air? You guessed it, #19. No matter where she is on the field, one thing stays constant: Lauren Edwards is a player.

If you happened to watch the U13 Select team in the 2016 Missouri State Cup, you probably would have guessed there were at least 5 players wearing #19 for Missouri Rush. Throughout the Spring season, Lauren Edwards had that kind of effect on the opposition. She is a team player in every sense of the word, doing whatever she can whenever it is asked of her. Every successful team is built on the attitude and effort that Ms. Edwards exemplifies each time she steps on the field. Whether it is a Monday night training session or a weekend match, she holds herself and her teammates accountable for performing at a high standard. Her willingness to improve and drive for understanding is something that each and every Missouri Rush player should strive for.

Lauren was a cornerstone in the Missouri Rush U13 Select side that achieved many feats this past season. As a club, we couldn’t be happier to have Lauren wearing our uniform and we are looking forward to what the future has in store for this young lady.




JUNE 2016


I would like to nominate Kyle Young for April Player of the Month. He has been a staple for the team as a Center Back playing nearly every minute of every game. He is a major reason why the Missouri Rush U15 Boys Select – Spiess team has clinched the SLYSA PREMIER LEAGUE Championship with one game to spare. The team is currently 9-0 with 24 goals for and only 3 goals against. The team continues to rack up clean sheets largely in part to the contribution of Kyle and his relentless effort to win every single tackle and put his body on the line for the sake of the team. Kyle is one of the toughest players that I’ve ever had the privilege to coach and he is an elite level competitor that strikes fear into opposing attacking players. However, off the field Kyle is an excellent team mate and one of the nicest most caring young men you will ever meet. He puts his teammates and friends first and is a great role model for all of the young boys and girls in our club.

Kyle exemplifies each and every Rush core value. With that being said his tenacity, passion, and the respect he shows everybody really stands out. Kyle attends St. Dominic High School where he carries a 3.0 GPA and not only earned a spot on the varsity soccer team as a freshmen, but also became a staple on the backline. There is no doubt that Kyle will be successful in whatever he chooses to do in life. As far as soccer goes we look forward to watching him continue to develop into a top college prospect. As Technical Director of Missouri Rush I couldn’t me more proud to have a young man like Kyle in our club. This is a well-deserved achievement!



MAY 2016


I would like to nominate Emma Mize from the U13 Nero Girls. Emma is the keeper and led the team to an undefeated record in April. In 5 games she only allowed 3 goals. As a teammate she is always encouraging and is the first to sprint to midfield to celebrate with her team after goals. She spends a lot of time on her own becoming a better keeper. She is a quiet leader that always works as hard as possible. Beyond being a fantastic goal keeper, Emma is a standout student. This summer she has the honor of participating in the prestigious Joseph Baldwin Academy.

She had to be referred by a teacher, apply, take ACT, pick a program, and write an essay.  She got into the program she  wanted - computer programming.  Joseph Baldwin Academy is a three-week residential program located on the campus of Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri with academically challenging curriculum for grades 7-9 that offers a selection of liberal arts and sciences courses taught by Truman Faculty. JBA was created in 1985 in order to provide the benefits of a liberal arts education to students beyond its own undergraduates. JBA is proud to provide an academic challenge to younger students that is truly one of the finest of such opportunities in the nation.

Emma embodies the Rush Way and lives out the core values. If you see Emma around be sure to give her a high five and tell her congrats!!!




APRIL 2016


I would like to recognize Lexi Browning for her Outstanding Excellence on and off the Soccer field. Lexi goes to St. Dominic High School, and plays for the U-17 Rush team coached by Bob Cadwell. Lexi led her Rush Team with 16 goals this season and led them to an Undefeated SLYSA League Season. Lexi is much more than just a good soccer player. She is an amazing young lady, she carries a 4.1 GPA at St. Dominic and has done several charitable acts in her Community. Lexi is going on a Mission Trip this summer to Tennessee for a week to help rebuild a community. She will work on painting and refurnishing their homes. This is through an organization called Group Work Camps. Lexi is very involved at St. Dominic, she is in the following Clubs: Pro- Life, Ambassadors Club, CRU (girl’s prayer group), Book Club and Food Club. Not quite through her junior year, Lexi already has her Service hours completed to graduate at St. Dominic. As of this past December she had over 150 hours completed and she has many more ahead. She has planned to work as a counselor for the 8th Grade retreats at ICD and Assumption’s Church, She will gain 100 hours for her Mission trip this summer and she has been a camp leader at ICD church’s Bible Camp since 8th Grade that is a weeklong.

Lexi has gone above and beyond in her community and outside of her community. Lexi was in a Leadership Class and she conducted a service project on her own. She had searched and searched for places that were in need and she found one in Nepal, India. Nepal was struck with a devastating Earthquake in April 2015. Lexi decided she was going to sell T-shirts to raise money and help the people of Nepal. Her goal was $300. Lexi designed the T-shirt herself, had them printed and started selling. She had so much success that she started to take orders for shirts. In the End, Lexi was able to send $1,381.70 to Catholic Relief Services so that it would help better the lives of the people living in Nepal.

Lexi plans on going on a mission trip out of the Country her Senior year. This young lady is so gracious and amazing and if the young people of our community are anything like Lexi, we are in GREAT HANDS!!!!!!! To sum up who Lexi Browning is, Caty Bettis, one of her Rush teammates said, “Lexi Browning is the nicest and kindest person I have ever known”.