Missouri Rush Players Select National Team Experience

Rush Select National Team Experience


Rush Soccer is a worldwide organization that is the largest organized youth soccer club in the world with over 45,000 members across the globe. Each year, Rush Soccer puts together the Rush Select program to showcase the best players from around the country and in some cases from around the world. Rush Travel helps organize and execute these events which range from the Desert Classic and President’s Day tournaments in AZ, Disney Showcase, and even trips to Europe. These are some of the stories of the players that represent Missouri Rush at these events.


Addison Miller - U15G United

Addison was a first time nominee for the Rush Select National ID Camp where she was honored to be selected to play in the Desert Classic Tournament where her 2002 Girls team won all 4 games including the Final where she made a save in penalty kicks to win.

While at the ID Camp and at the Desert Classic Tournament, she enjoyed learning from all the different coaches on the Rush Select Coaching staff. But one of the highlights of the Rush Select experience for Addison was meeting and becoming friends with other Rush girls from around the country. The whole experience was such a positive that it has motivated her to work even harder so she can make it back to the ID camp and try again.



Jess Grayek - U14G United

Jess was honored to be selected to attend the Rush Select ID Camp in AZ, November 2016. She stated that it was a very structured and competitive environment. She got to meet other Rush players from all over the US, including Hawaii, Maryland, and Iowa whom she is now friends with. Since then, she has attended the President’s Day Tournament 2017 in AZ, and has been invited to the 10 day trip to Costa Rica. From participating in a high level tryout and tournament, to learning how to work with new players and new coaches, this has been a great experience for her!





Alexis Mecker - U14G United

Alexis Mecker joined Missouri Rush in 2016. She was given the opportunity to try out for the Rush Select National Team in November of 2016. The tryout experience was amazing and it really helped to understand both her strengths and weaknesses as a player. She was chosen to play in the 2017 Desert Classic in Phoenix Arizona which her team took first place. After playing a few games and hanging out with your teammates they become some of your best friends in a matter of 3-4 days. She will never forget the amazing experience of getting to play with such a talented group of girls from all over the country. The knowledge and experience of the coaching staff was incredible. She feels like she had become a better player through the experience of this program. She will continue to work hard and can't wait to participate in the next event.



Mackenzie Boyle - U15G United

Mackenzie has been with Rush for 4 years. She was invited to the Select ID camp this year. She enjoyed her experience there playing with girls from all over the United States. She was invited to go to Germany with Rush National Select and to the Desert Classic. She has enjoyed playing soccer at a higher level and meeting up with the players that she met at tryouts. A bonus was her team also won their division at the Desert Classic Tournament. She is looking forward to Germany to play against girls from a different country and see a different culture. Last year she went with Rush International to Italy and had a great time. " Rush National Select has been an amazing opportunity to play high level soccer with the best soccer players around the nation. I can't wait to experience soccer in Germany and meet up with my teammates from Rush Select," said Mackenzie Boyle.



Kate Fulhorst - U14G United

Kate has been playing with Rush for a few years.  This year she was selected to play in the Desert Classic tournament in Arizona.  Although this was her first select national tournament, Kate started in all games and her team was able to bring home the championship!   Not only did her team win, Kate had a fantastic time with the other girls on the team and made some lifelong friends.  She believes this was one of the best experiences she has had so far with soccer.  Being part of the select team in this tournament has motivated and solidified her love of soccer and the Rush program.  




Justin Clark  - U15B 

Justin Clark has been a member of Missouri Rush since it’s conception. Justin has had an amazing experience with Rush Select.  The first time he became a part of this program was in November 2014 at the Rush Select ID camp in AZ. Although it was a tryout, he had fun meeting kids from other cities and had an even better time as some of the kids from MO Rush were also there.  

He's been in a few tournaments and what he enjoyed the most about them is getting to know the teammates and playing with some of the best soccer players in the nation.  Having the team stay together throughout the whole tournament (and rooming with each other) makes for great team bonding and a lot fun for the boys.   He's also enjoyed the experience of getting to travel to different cities and play soccer in different parts of the country.  All in all, both my husband and I and especially Justin have had an enjoyable and positive experience with Rush Select and are grateful for the opportunity.


Sam Rowan – U15B

Sam has been involved with Missouri Rush from the beginning as well.

Sam was first invited to try out for Rush Select at the u12 level.  He made the Select Pool and has been invited to play in many high level tournaments since then including President’s Cup, Desert Classic, Disney Showcase, Open Cup and Denver Cup. 

Being a part of Rush Select has been such an honor and privilege for Sam to play amongst the most talented soccer players in his age group. He has been coached by some of the Rush organization’s top coaches and trainers who have helped to mold Sam into the player he is today.  He has taken compliments along with constructive criticism that enable him to improve his play.

Rush Select not just expects but demands the best from their players on and off the field.  Sam has made some very good friends from across the Nation while traveling with Rush Select.  They stay in touch throughout the year via social media.  He looks forward to seeing these teammates and competing with them on the field. Sam says his best experience with Rush Select was winning the Disney Showcase this past December where they played against some of the top teams in the country.


Grace Adams – U14G

"The Rush Select program is a truly amazing thing,'' said Grace. "I've learned so much about the game and life through Rush Select. You go into it not knowing anyone but, by the end, you have made some of your best friends. Rush Select has made me a better player and a better person." Grace is currently working hard to get ready for her upcoming trips and season.

Currently Captain and Center Back for St Louis United Rush U14 2001 girls managed by Jim Reynolds and coached by Bill Daues and Mike Quante

Rush Select National Team 2015 & 2016 Defender coached by Russell Finch

Rush Select National Team Tournaments Phoenix and Alabama 2015

Rush Select National Team with Invitation to 10 day Costa Rica  trip

Rush Select National Team Tournament February 2016 Phoenix

Invitation to West Ham  England Trip 2016 via participation in local and Regional ID Camp West Ham Rome, GA 2015

Traveling with Dutch Touch 10 day Holland Soccer Trip March 2016 via invitation from Dutch Touch Camp 2015


Maci Teater – U14G United

Maci is new to the program this year and has experienced the program from the start at Rush Fest in the summer of 2015. There she (along with a few other players from her team) were picked to attend the tryouts for the national team in November in Arizona. Although she is a year younger than the age she tried out for, she was still chosen out of the entire player pool. After she attended the tryouts she was invited to attend the Europe trip and to play in the Desert Classic (also in Arizona). Her experience with Rush Select was amazing and one of the best life experiences she has had. She can’t wait to participate in the next event. 

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