River City Ruckus 3v3 Challenge



When: Feb 4th and 5th, 2017

Where: St. Charles Family Arena

What: 2nd Annual River City Ruckus 3v3 Tournament

Who: U6-U12 Boys and Girls

Parking will be $10 for the weekend. You will pay as you enter the parking lot for the first time. The parking pass will be valid for the whole weekend, including the Ambush Game.

All games will be played inside the Family Arena on the turf.

Click Here to view the rules.

Here is the Schedule for the weekend:

  Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
  Home Away Home Away Home Away
9:00 PAO Green Severs YDA Lightning LF Sdtko Blue St. Lunatics
9:30 PAO Green 05/06 Severs 1 LF Sdtko Red MO Rush Lowery Rush Heath Rush Tobin
10:00 PAO 2005 Green Severs 2 Team Adrenaline NORCO Schwinn White Rush Carli Rush Lloyd
10:30 Red Blue Girls w/ Attitude NORCO Schwinn Blue Yellow Black
11:00 Severs YDA Lightning PAO Green Rush Heath LF Sdtko Blue
11:30 PAO Green YDA Grey YDA White YDA Blue LF Sdtko Red Rush Carli
12:00 Red Green Yellow White MO Rush Lowery Rush Lloyd
12:30 MO Rush Blanco-Blake PAO Green Rush LRL Severs 1 NORCO Schwinn White Girls w/ Attitude
1:00 MO Rush Blanco-Curp PAO White YDA Grey YDA White NORCO Schwinn Blue Team Adrenaline
1:30 Green Blue PAO Green YDA Blue Orange Purple
2:00 Explorers MO Rush Blanco-Blake Rush LRL PAO Green 05/06 White Black
2:30 The Bears MO Rush Blanco-Curp     St. Lunatics Rush Tobin
3:00     Orange Brown    
3:30 PAO White The Bears Severs 1 PAO 2005 Green    
4:00 PAO Green Explorers Brown Purple    
  Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
  Home Away Home Away Home Away
9:00 #3A 07/08 Boys #3B 07/08 Boys St. Lunatics Rush Heath Rush Tobin LF Sdtko Blue
9:30 #1A 07/08 Boys #2B 07/08 Boys #1B 07/08 Boys #2A 07/08 Boys White Yellow
10:00 Purple Orange Lightning Severs Severs 2 PAO Green 05/06
10:30 Rush Lloyd LF Sdtko Red Rush Carli MO Rush Lowery YDA White PAO Green
11:00 YDA Blue YDA Grey Girls w/ Attitude Team Adrenaline NORCO Schwinn White NORCO Schwinn Blue
11:30 Semi Winner 07/08 Boys Semi Winner 07/08 Boys #1 06 Girls #2 06 Girls Blue Red
12:00     Severs 2 Rush LRL #1 07 Girls #2 07 Girls
12:30 #1 08/09 Girls #2 08/09 Girls Green Red #1 05 Girls #2 05 Girls
1:00 PAO Green 05/06 PAO 2005 Green Severs 1 Severs 2 PAO Green YDA
1:30 Blue Green Black Yellow Brown Orange
2:00 #1 09 Boys #2 09 Boys PAO 2005 Green Rush LRL Purple Brown
2:30     Black White    

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